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The Search for California Gold

Taste of the Legend

Rich in heritage, Vargas Vodka is inspired by the tales of Spanish explores who were lured by the legend of Queen Califia, the emperor of the fabled island of California. Queen Califia was blessed with an abundance of gold and protected by her soldier griffins - guardians of the divine


The Legend Lives On

Today, Vargas Vodka continues in the Spirit of Adventure of the first Spanish Explorers that set sail to discover California.  We pride ourself in producing the highest quality ultra-premium vodka for our customers to enjoy.


About Our Founder

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is the founder and President of Vargas Spirits.  Ms. Vargas is a serial entrepreneur and personality on a popular reality TV series based in Orange County, California.


Vargas Spirits, Inc, the parent company of Vargas Vodka, is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.  The Vargas Vodka distillery, operated by ROK Distillery, LLC, is located in Jackson, California.


Buy The Bottle

Single 750ml bottle of Vargas Vodka and have it delivered to your front door.

Buy the Case

Case (12 750ml bottles) of Vargas Vodka and have it delivered to your establishment.

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